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A Sweet Little Thank You!

Jun 06, 2018 0 comments
A Sweet Little Thank You!


It's been two years since we first launched our Owl Pillow followed by a string of other pillows.  When we were creating our first product,  Zoey wanted to include a personalized letter,  A Thank You Note.  As a 5 year old, it was important to her to leave our customers with something special.  She even drew a sunshine picture with flowers.  

As we are getting ready to launch new products, she redesigned her thank you letter.  She wrote several different letters with different words and phrases before settling on "The One."

To be honest, I really wanted to use the original letter.  I did not want to change it at all.  It reminded me of the beginning of this journey.  It was a keepsake to share with everyone who purchased our products.  I was very pleased to see her finished letter.  Even though, the original text is the same,  it makes me smile to know the process that she went through and her intent was very honest and pure.  It takes me back to when she originally proposed to make something really special for our customers. It is sweet and simple.

As a parent, I love that it is important to her to thank everyone who purchases our products.  This has been a growing process as a family developing our brand.   We are so thankful to include our kids in what we do.  As we continue to add new products to Zoey's Art and bring new ideas to the market, we just want to thank you! 




               First Thank You!                    New Thank You!



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