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Summer Time Activities

Jul 02, 2018 0 comments
Summer Time Activities


Summer Time Activities

As school is drawing to a close, and everyone is antsy to get through these last few snow day make-up days, you might be wracking your brain for how to keep the kids busy this summer. Sure, you want them (and you!) to have some time to relax, but you also want to embrace the summer. Here is a list of ways to make this a summer your kids will look back on with fondness for years to come.

Outside Free Play

During the spring, summer, and fall, I take the kids outside every day (unless it’s raining- but we will get to that!). I enjoy a book while I encourage them to have unstructured play. I recommend having chalk, little shovels and buckets, and other outside toys as well as encouraging them to play with sticks and leaves. It can be frustrating to know that there is laundry to be done and floors to be mopped inside, but taking time to relax and giving the kids time to use their imaginations and enjoy the natural world is important and will leave you with wonderful memories. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Summer Reading Program

Every year the public library system sets up a summer reading program. Ours has a rewards system for every 5 books read, or 10 books read to them. This year it has my 5 year old excited about learning to read, and I think it’s a great way to keep their brains engaged so that they are ready when that inevitable school year rolls back around. I have happy memories of going to my local library and reading under trees on hot days when I was a kid, and I’m excited to pass that on to my kids.

Season Passes

Theme parks, museums, and aquariums usually offer Season Passes to their guests and I highly recommend taking advantage of these! They give you the chance to go as many times as you like, and often come with benefits and great money saving opportunities. Indoor places are a great backup plan for rainy days, and Theme Parks often have Fourth of July celebrations, concerts, and fireworks that kids of all ages can enjoy! We like to give season passes for Christmas and Birthday presents.

Zoey’s Art Kits

If you live in an area that gets lots of rain in the summer, or an area that often has temperatures soring above 100 degrees, you might be looking for indoor activities and we have plenty of them here at Zoey’s Art! Our kits can help teach children life skills like sewing and following instructions while improving their dexterity. It leaves them with a new pillow or doll, and a sense of accomplishment because they made it all by themselves! 

However you spend your summer, we at Zoey’s Art hope you have a wonderful and memorable time!


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