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Watching Zoey make play dough, reminds me of when I was growing up!

My days as an entrepreneur began when I was still very young. I grew up in
McAlester, Oklahoma and it was up to my sister and I to entertain ourselves and
make our own fun. If you’ve ever been to McAlester, you know that can take some
creativity to manage!

Slime has been a viral phenomenon for kids in the last couple years, but when I was a kid I was all about making my own play dough. My sister and I would make play dough and sell it to our classmates.

Here was our recipe:
 2 cups of flour
 1/2 cup of water
 1/2 cup of salt
 3 tablespoons of oil

Mix together the dry ingredients. Slowly add in water and mix thoroughly. Then add in oil and knead until you are happy with consistency. We would then add color, using markers!

I find it so funny that, as an adult, I’ve come back full circle to that entrepreneur
selling arts and crafts. I think 8 year old me would be very proud of who I have

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